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Never again forget the places that made your day and organise them as you like #Brunch#Mimosa

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It's finally time to digitalise the word of mouth. Discover your friends' go-to places and give them access to yours. In order to find the next jewel: collaborate

Let artificial intelligence do the work

Because trusting your friends is always easier than perfect strangers, our algorithms crunch your preferences as well as your friends' in order to find the place you're looking for

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Vote to build the bucket list of experiences featured by the community. Each month enjoy exclusive spots discovered by the community

The future is now

Our algorithms crunch your finding as well as your circle to propose you 100% custom places
Forget about tourist traps, fake reviews or fake profiles. Look for authenticity not international validation
94% of our suggestions are bullseye: we work hard (and so do your friends) to only recommend what you're guaranteed to love
Stop juggling between apps to find infos about your favourite places. We have centralised everything: menus, prices, opening hours, contacts, address, pictures,...

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They are food heroes, the SWAT team of burgers, the A-Team of restaurants, the counter masterminds, photography aficionados. They guide you with their amazing recommendations and help us make Foda better each day.

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